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Face Oil - Lavender  – 1500 mg of quality cannabidiol (CBD) from broad spectrum hemp extract combined in argan oil and lavender essential oil is amazing. CBD Face Oil is a light non greasy cannabidiol topical oil infused with lavender that delivers some of the most amazing and radiant skin.


Tip:  Mix this with your favorite face creams or body oils to create your own amazing hemp cannabidiol creams.


1500 mg of cannabidiol from our custom hemp extract formula is a perfect amount of CBD in Argan oil to make your skin feel amazing, relieve a headache and sooth sore muscles away.  


Argan oil lavender combined with cannabidiol from hemp extract may help with "Maskne" ... The acne that comes from wearing a mask all the time.


The Hemp with Cannabidiol we use is THC free.  Try one of the this amazing hemp face oil and find out how amazing a Hemp Topical Oil can feel. 

Premium Hemp Lavender Argan Face Oil - 1500 mg CBD

  • Argan has been shown to use absorb quickly making it a great oil for CBD topical oils.  It is known as liquid gold because of its aseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.  Some uses for this product are:

    Face: This CBD Skin oil really makes your face feel nice and Argan has shown to clear up acne while CBD is known for anti-inflammatory benefits.  Makes your face feel amazing.

    Body: The argan oil is great anywhere and CBD has research that has been shown to aid in sore muscles and athletic recovery.  Inflammation is a big part of arthritis and pain form working out.  CBD Research shows that CBD may help lower inflammation in in the body. CBD Inflammation Research Here

    Hair: Argan oil is often a main ingredient in hair products.  It has been shown to help with dry scalp and CBD is known for its anti-inflammation properties that make this CBD Argan Oil great for using on on the scalp and hair.

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