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About Us

Small Batch Premium Products

Our missions is to provide effective CBD products at great prices and we always use high quality ingredients and innovative formulas.

Why RX Theory

We are small batch manufacturer of premium wellness products that utilize hemp extracts that are high in CBD Cannabidiol.  The products we make use the best ingredients and are lab tested.  Because we manufacture everything in small batches it ensures you receive the freshest products every time. 

We use the best possible hemp extracts that are high in CBD, CBC, CBG and CBN and pair these with some incredible ingredients to create some of the best hemp wellness products ever made.


Our Start

Our journey started almost immediately when we learned about the healing properties of the hemp plant.   Learning about how the body has natural receptors for the hemp plant and its powerful cannabinoids like CBD and CBC, CBG and CBN.  


We began by listening to everyone we could about how CBD works.  Working with scientists in the hemp community we learned about how cannabinoids like CBD mixed with higher levels of natural cannabinoids CBC, CBG and CBN are more effective for certain things. 

Our Every Day and Night Time Tinctures were the first products we developed.  The high minor content in these products is not seen anywhere else and is one of the ways our products are so effective. 

Soon after our launch we started to make some of the highest quality and affordable topical products.  Our Lip Dope Balm and Face Dope Skin Oil were an instant hit with users. Soon after we started making potent recovery cream and skin care products. 


We use our products everyday and know they work.  Probably the best feeling in the world is when a customer tells us how the hemp products we developed has helped them with a problem they have been struggling with. 

Quality Suppliers

If you want to create the best products you need to have the best suppliers.  We use hemp extracts that are developed by Treehouse Biotech in all of our products. Treehouse is able to provide extracts that are high in CBD and minor cannabinoids like CBC, CBG and CBN all while being organic and THC Free.  We could not ask for a better hemp extract supplier.

RX Theory Future

We look forward to bring more and more products  innovation to the hemp wellness space.  Thank you for visiting and we look forward to earning your business.

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