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The Healing Power of Nature

Our missions is to provide pure clean and effective CBD products at great prices.  Always use high quality ingredients and innovative formulas.

Why RX Theory

We area  small batch product maker and take the time and care in everything we make. 

We believe that we have the best CBD profile of any CBD hemp based products that we have found.

Our Start

Our journey started almost immediately when we learned about the healing properties of the hemp plant.  Learning about how the body has natural receptors for the hemp plant and its cannabinoids like CBD and CBC, CBG and CBN.  Then learning all the different ways the molecules work with our body to function better.


We began by listening to everyone we could about how CBD works.  Working with scientists in the hemp community we learned about how cannabinoids like CBD mixed with higher levels of natural cannabinoids CBC, CBG and CBN are more effective for certain things.  

Our Every Day and Night Time formulas were the first products we developed.  The Every Day has a cannabinoid profile higher in CBD and the night time uses a formula that is higher in CBC, CBG and CBN.

We use hemp plant based extracts that are developed by Treehouse Biotech in all of our products. We use a mixture of different extracts to get the effective result.

Our topical products use all natural ingredients and have a very nice cannabinoid profile that is high cannabinoids CBD, CBC, CBG and CBN.  Every thing is THC free.

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