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Best CBD Topicals

Why RX Theory CBD Topicals

At RX Theory we are working to provide the best CBD Hemp Based Topicals at the best price.  We use a very specific Broad Spectrum THC Free HEMP Extract that has a unique cannabinoid profile that is significantly higher in some other cannabinoids like CBG, CBC and CBN.  These other parts of the hemp plant have been shown to work together with CBD to provide some amazing results.

100% American Farmed Organic Hemp is used and it is extracted and processed in Colorado to specific standards in a cGMP plant.

We use high amounts in the topical products because they work better with high CBD Potency.

CBD works with your body to provide a natural response to pain.  When you put RX Theory CBD topicals on your skin it goes to work by invigorating your ECS system ( Endocannabinoid System in your skin and helps the body maintain stasis for that affected area) and this helps your body work more efficiently to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

We don't add any other pain reducing products like menthol or arnica gel because our products don't need them.  You are able to feel relief almost immediately using RX Theory CBD Topical Products

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CBD Topical Relief

RX Theory CBD Creams come in two sizes.  Our 3000 mg CBD Topical Cream and our 6000 CBD Topical Cream

both CBD Topical Creams utilize the very best Broad Spectrum THC Free Hemp Extracts that are high in CBD and CBG, CBC and CBN.

The effect of these cannabinoids together provides effective relief to most people.  Each 50 ml / 1.7 oz bottle is in a vacuum pump dispenses a 1 ml dose each time

  • 1 ml of the 3000 mg CBD Topical Cream is approximately  60mg of CBD on the effected area.

  • 1 ml of the 6000 mg CBD Topical Cream is approximately 120 mg of CBD for the effected area

A little goes a long way with these CBD Topical creams.  You can also mix the CBD Topicals in with your favorite body lotion to make them go further.  

Always try to use the smallest amount of CBD you need to alleviate discomfort. 

CBD Topical Products For Athletes