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Amazing Hemp Balm in a easy application stick.  300 mg cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp per .15 oz tube. 


The ingredients in this product along with 300 mg of cannabidiol our potent hemp extract make this a very effective balm for a sore muscle or healing small cuts, burns and scrapes. 


Our Hemp Balm comes in 3 flavors


Rose - Provides a calming effect and the essencial oil promotes happiness and wellbeing.


Lavender - Is known for its calming effect and works well with the cannabidiol (CBD) to promote balance in the effected area.


* Sold Out - Healing formula - This has some other amazing ingredients like tea tree oil, turmeric, black bepper and lavender.  These ingredients combinded with the hemp extract with cannabidiol really works well oto maintain balance and promote healing of many kinds of skin irritations. 

Hemp Balm Stick - 300 mg

  • Key ingredients are Beeswax, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, hemp extract(cannabidiol),   essential oils 

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