Hemp Beard Oil – 1500 mg of quality hemp extract combined with jojoba, argan oil and essential oils is amazing. Hemp Beard Oil is a light non greasy cannabidiol CBD topical oil infused with essential oils that delivers some very soothing effects.


RX Theory Beard Oil is infused with sandalwood, rose for a calming effect and includes turmeric and 1500 mg of cannabidiol in each 1oz bottle.


1500 mg of cannabidiol(CBD) in our hemp beard oil is the perfect amount to make your skin feel amazing, relieve a headache and refresh your face.  


Argan oil and Jojoba oil are great for your hair and beard and will have your beard looking amazing and you face feeling awesome. 


The rose, sandalwood and turmeric give this product a fresh masculine scent.

Hemp Beard Oil - 1500 mg

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  • Argan has been shown to use absorb quickly making it a great oil for CBD topical oils.  It is known as liquid gold because of its aseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.  Some uses for this product are:

    Face: This CBD Skin oil really makes your face feel nice and Argan has shown to clear up acne while CBD is known for anti-inflammatory benefits.  Makes your face feel amazing.

    Body: The argan oil is great anywhere and CBD has research that has been shown to aid in sore muscles and athletic recovery.  Inflammation is a big part of arthritis and pain form working out.  CBD Research shows that CBD may help lower inflammation in in the body. CBD Inflammation Research Here

    Hair: Argan oil is often a main ingredient in hair products.  It has been shown to help with dry scalp and CBD is known for its anti-inflammation properties that make this CBD Argan Oil great for using on on the scalp and hair.