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How To Read CBD Content on Labels

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Our labels put the amount of CBD in the product. This is an important distinction between the amount of CBD oil or the amount of Hemp extract.

How are CBD Labels different

1500mg CBD – This is what we use to say exactly how much CBD in in the product. We use different extracts in our process that have different CBD per gram so for example in our night time formula we use 4000 mg of CBD extracts to get 1200 mg of CBD. This is why our products are so effective becuase these blends contain other healthy cannabinoids other than CBD.

1500 mg of CBD Oil – We have seen this in a lot of products and this usually means that they are using 1500 mg of a CBD oil in the product but we don’t know really how much CBD that oil may contain. Unless the CBD is in isolate form there is usually between 40 and 80 percent CBD contant in the oil.

1500 mg of hemp Extract – This is the same idea as the label above. It doesn’t really tell you how much CBD is in the products just how much extracts they use.

1500 mg of Hemp Seed – This usually means no CBD in the product. Hemp seeds do not contain CBD . They do contain healthy skin vitmins but usually you see this in products for sale online marketplaces that don’t usually allow CBD products to be sold.

Why CBD labeling matters?

We want people to know that they are getting the CBD content they are expecting and not have to wonder what they are actually ingesting or putting on their body.

All of out products are labeled by the CBD inside and not how much other cannabinoids are also inside.

Night Time CBD Formula – 1200 mg of CBD and 3500 mg of extracts. This one has a super high cannabinoid profile that includes elevated levels of CBN, CBG and CBC.

Every Day CBD Formula – 1050 mg of CBD from 2ooo mg of hemp extract. Thsi one has a less other cannabinoids than the night time formula and is made using a different blend of hemp extracts to acheive the results.



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