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How to make CBD Skin Care

One of the fasted growing segments of the hemp CBD product development is CBD Skin Care. It is very easy to add CBD to your existing skin care products at home and try out CBD in your Skin Care routine.

Why is CBD even in Skin Care Products?

CBD interacts with cells in your skin to reduce inflammation. Hemp extracts are known to repair the skin. Here are a couple good articles that people have written on the topic of CBD Skin Care

Adding CBD to skin care is relatively easy if you have some CBD products like a tincture or a CBD topical oil.

1) Put some of your existing skin care products in your hand

2) Put a few drops of the Argan Lavender CBD Oil or other CBD tincture on top of the existing skin care product

3) Mix CBD oils and skin care products together a little

4) Apply to your skin

Thats it.

We made a product that works great for enhancing existing skin care with CBD. Our CBD Argan Oil with Lavender Oil is super luxurious and mixes well with skin care products. The Argan oil feels amazing on your skin and is considered a dry oil so it absorbs to nourish your skin and does not leave your skin feeling oily.



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