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CBD For Pets

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

CBD can really help Dogs and Cats and Horses and other animals stay calm and live healthy lives.

Did you know that CBD for pets has had really great results in trials and in fact, all vertebrates (and even some invertebrates) have an ECS (Endocannabinoid System)

Tests on dogs, cats, horses and chickens are a few that we have seen with almost 100 percent improvements.

A lot of the tests on animals are performed by owner observations but there are a few scientific studies that have documented success. We will link to the ones we have found

What type of CBD is best for pets?

Really any type will do. A lot of the research studies we have seen use an Isolate but we have heard and read studies using all types.

A lot of people use the same tincture oil based they take for the dog. CBD is CBD . The only difference is really the flavor.

Isolates will have less of a earthy taste and most of no taste so they are really ideal if you are feeding it to the animals.

How much CBD do pets need

This is really the same as humans. You want to find the lowest dose that is effective. Start with a small amount and increase it. This make the oil tinctures really the best way to start because you can give a small dose and keep trying to see the effects. In one podcast a horse had used the same dosage as a human even though they are about 1200 lbs.

Dog and CBD research

Chicken CBD Research

In this study the government found that a significant number of chickens fed Hemp Seed and Hemp oil produced more Omega – 3 fatty acid.

CBD For Horses

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