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Specifically formulated for use every day.  

Lab tested, pure simple ingredients. No THC and very effective


Every Day CBD

Formulated for Every Day use.  Our hemp extracts are high in cannabinoids and our formula has 5 to 1 ration between CBD and the minor cannabinoids (CBC, CBG and CBN). 

This formula is very effective at making you feel like you took some CBD.  Elevates your day and makes you feel great.  For information on CBD try this google search - "What does CBD do"

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Feel Like You Should

RX Theory Hemp (CBD) oil works to stimulate the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS)—a network of receptors found throughout the entire human body. The ECS has been shown to increase the healthy function of mood, sleep cycle, immune system, digestion, pain response, and more. 

To find out more about the ECS system check out this article about the ECS with references. 

Couples with Skateboards
Natural Serum

Simple Ingredients

Our CBD products are simple by design. A broad spectrum, phytocannabinoid-rich (CBD) hemp oil, carried in a coconut derived MCT oil packed with vitamins and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Then we add the taste of peppermint essential oil and natural stevia to create an amazing hemp product that has a very light taste profile.

From the farm to the extraction laboratory to the GMP, FDA audited, SQF production facility to the retail store shelf. We are able to trace these products every step of the way.


Find out more about broad spectrum cannabinoids CBDCBGCBNCBC


Want to learn more.   Here is a Wiki on CBD Hemp Products

Everything is 3rd party lab tested - see lab testing

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